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Corporate Reorganization & Purification

Overturn a Negative Determination by CRA



  • If you have claimed SR&ED in the past and your submission was denied or reduced we will:
    • File a notice of objection to the appeals division of CRA.
    • File a notice of appeal with the Tax Court of Canada.
    • Prepare settlement proposals – many tax disputes settle before they get to court.
    • Provide full legal representation for denied SR&ED claims on a contingency basis – we only get paid when you we win.

    We also provide legal representation and advice for any dispute with CRA.

  • We can help you avoid the pitfalls that affect many unsuspecting business owners every day, including:
    • The accumulation of excess cash, real-estate, or other investments that are not vital to your company’s day-to-day operations, which result in severe negative tax consequences to shareholders.
    • Unprotected assets left vulnerable to creditors and litigation, which can be corrected through a corporate reorganization.
  • Entrust us to:
    • Provide tax advice whether you are an accountant or shareholder of a small or mid-sized business. This includes any dispute you or your client may have with the CRA.
    • Provide tax planning that can increase the value of future SR&ED claims.
    • Provide supplementary tax planning services that reduce taxation when you sell or pass down your business.


Quantum Tax Law is a full service law firm specializing in tax dispute resolution, litigation, corporate reorganizations and tax planning.


We at Quantum believe tax lawyers and accountants must work together in order to achieve solutions that neither can easily accomplish independent of the other.

That is why we have both disciplines working together to assist you’re company.


Our Partners and associate lawyers have many years of experience in resolving corporate tax problems through settlement conferences and litigation. Our multidiscipline tax planning team can help your company to save millions of dollars in taxes over the long run.

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  • Quantum Tax Law is proud to offer:
    • A full-service law firm specializing in tax dispute resolution, litigation, corporate reorganizations, and tax planning.
    • A team of partners and associate lawyers with several years of experience in resolving corporate tax problems through settlement conference and litigation.
    • A multidisciplinary tax planning team with an objective to help your company save millions of dollars in accumulated taxes gained over the years.
    • Cooperation with shareholders and executives of CCPCs who fear losing the capital gains exemption due to an accumulation of cash or other non-active assets held within an operating or holding company.
  • Quantum Tax Law’s expertise ranges from:
    • Representing organizations in court without requiring you to pay high costs often associated with experienced legal counsel.
    • Taking measures to provide you with assistance when the CRA incorrectly assesses or denies your SR&ED claims
    • Determining the reasons for your challenged or denied SR&ED claims and the best available options to proceed
  • In addition to our litigation services, Quantum Tax Law:
    • Assists accountants who are seeking a second opinion or would like copies of the latest case law to support a tax position they may be considering recommending to a client.
    • Strives to extend assistance to shareholders of QSBCs looking to multiply the capital gains exemption to include other family members in a corporate structure.
    • Combines the expertise of both tax lawyers and accountants to achieve solutions unattainable independently