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Shareholder’s Agreements

Would you like to avoid disagreements with your other shareholders? Are you a new corporation and are unsure what structure you need to maintain control?

A shareholder’s agreement is a written contract between two or more shareholders, or between the corporation and some or all of its shareholders and is a common tool used to manage the risk in your corporation. Shareholder’s agreements are more likely to be appropriate where the corporation has one or more significant shareholders.


Is a corporation the right form of business organization for you or your business? A corporation is the most common form of business organization. It is a separate legal entity, and can carry on business, possess rights, and incur liabilities. Whether or not you should incorporate your business is a question that should be answered by a competent professional.


Share Purchase or Asset Purchase Agreements

Are you selling or buying a business? Are you unsure whether to buy the corporate shares or select corporate assets? In an asset transaction, the purchaser is able to select only those assets that it wishes to purchase as well as the accompanying liabilities. In a share transaction, the purchaser acquires the corporation itself, including all the assets and liabilities. Which one is better? Speak to one of our competent professionals to find out.


Debt Financing is a transaction in which one party provides money to another party. The obligation of the borrower to repay its indebtedness to the lender may be unsecured or secured by the assets of the borrower. Do you require financing to operate your business? Speak to one of our competent professionals to find out.

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