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Tax Planning For Small Business & Mid-Sized Businesses

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Tax Planning For Small Business & Mid-Sized Businesses

Quantum Tax Law is dedicated to supporting public accountants and shareholders of small and mid-sized businesses in all jurisdictions throughout Canada.

Our firm is always happy to assist accountants who are seeking a second opinion or would like copies of the latest case law to support a tax position they may be considering recommending to a client.

We are also pleased to work with the shareholders and executives of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations who are concerned about losing the Capital Gains Exemption due to an accumulation of cash or other non-active assets held within an operating or holding company.

Quantum tax Law may even be able to assist shareholders of Qualified Small Business Corporations (QSBC’s) to potentially multiply the Capital Gains Exemption to include other family members in a corporate structure.

Quantum Tax Law offers supplementary tax planning services that may reduce taxation at the time you sell your business or pass it down to the next generation.

Quantum Tax Law can help you to realize your long-term goals while assisting you to mitigate the effects of taxation.